Jewellery Making Class



A jewelry-making class is a workshop or course where participants learn various techniques and skills involved in creating handmade jewelry. These classes typically provide hands-on instruction, guidance, and demonstrations by experienced instructors or artisans. The classes may cater to different skill levels, from beginners with no prior experience to more advanced students looking to enhance their existing skills.

Classes may vary in duration, from a few hours to several weeks or even longer programs. The class format can be a one-time workshop, a series of sessions, or a full course with progressive lessons. Participants typically get to take home the jewelry pieces they create during the class.

Jewelry-making classes offer a creative and hands-on experience, allowing individuals to explore their artistic side and gain skills in crafting unique, personalized jewelry.

Only for

IDR 650.000/pax

Minimum two pax.


  • Max 10 gr of silver
  • Using more than 10 gr of silver, extra charge 30k/gr
  • Prohibited to share silver with another person
  • One person one design
  • Mineral water/soft drink & snack
  • Additional cost for using germ stone
  • Experienced instructor
  • Duration 2-3 hours
  • For booking please deposit 100k
  • Booking one day before


  • Pick Up and Drop shuttle