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A traveler friendly tour operator, founded by a woman who lived in exquisite Island of Bali. Provides you holiday rental, tour packages and customized tour program to suit your interest.

No one else within the industry offers our combination of visit bundles for the visit cost we charge. In reality, the foremost common abstain from our travelers is that they can’t believe they received so much for what they paid. You will discover what appears like a similar tour at a lower cost with one of our competitors, but after you compare feature-for-feature, we acknowledge it’s clear our programs offer more consider for your cash. No one will debate the esteem of little bunches whereas on our tour—allowing you more individual and insinuate intelligent with the locales and culture of your goal.

We offer choices for each budget and travel style. Of course, our claim to fame will continuously be little gather, but we’re more than capable to escort you visiting mind blowing goals to travel within the Island of Bali. For those looking for more flexibility and adaptability, our programs incorporate transfer, guides and trip schedules. At last, we’ll moreover customize any program we offer or make a visit fair for you.

On all of our escorted trip, you will be driven by an English-speaking driver who will make each goal come lively. Along the way, our driver will share the conventions, culture and history of your goal from a first-hand point of view, and may indeed include a few startling off-itinerary experiences. Thanks to our extraordinary drivers, our travelers will keep in mind and think back around most when they reminisce about our involvement.

Social inundation is a signature highlight of Bali Hopper Tour, hence you’ll know you’ve experienced the quintessence of the country. We’ve went through over 6 years refining travel agendas full of must-see locales and off-the-beaten way encounters you won’t discover on other visits. But we’ve learnt that an universal visit is more than fair a visit to a World Legacy Location. That’s why we’ve built insider get to, to special social experiences into each one of our Little Bunch itineraries; exuberant talk with a neighborhood Balinese individuals whilst sipping a cup of tea or coffee, having a lunch as well as cooking conventional nourishment with Local individuals.

Our customer benefit is amazing. We’re energetic, a wanderlust and we cherish making a difference you put together a Journey you’ll recall for a lifetime. Bali Hopper’s admin will be there to assist you all through the full booking handle. Once you’re on your journey, we have admin and proprietor, who know what to do to assist you (indeed on the off chance that it’s within the center of thenight). After you book your tour with Bali Hopper tour’s admin or owner, you have got a team observing out for you no matter where you may strut.

Meet the Owner


Hi, I’m Melly

Travelling is’t merely a business but personally a hobby, ceaselessly trying to explore new things which I’ve yet to experience. As traveler, I knew it well when I went on vacation definitely like what you expect to receive. This strongly feeling attracts me to invite you exploring the Island of Bali and awesome holiday destinations in Indonesia with us.