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black lava

Land Rover vehicles can be used to explore and navigate the rugged terrain around Mount Batur in Bali, Indonesia. The off-road capabilities of Land Rovers make them well-suited for adventures in mountainous and volcanic regions like Mount Batur.

Many tour operators in Bali offer off-road excursions and guided tours that include Land Rover vehicles to explore the surrounding areas, including Mount Batur. These tours provide a thrilling experience as you drive through rough terrains, navigate through uneven paths, and cross streams while enjoying the scenic beauty of the region.

With a Land Rover, you can access viewpoints, hidden trails, and remote areas around Mount Batur that might be challenging to reach with other vehicles. The sturdy construction, powerful engines, and advanced suspension systems of Land Rovers allow for a comfortable and safe ride, even on challenging terrains.

It’s important to note that participating in an organized tour with experienced guides is highly recommended to ensure your safety and to fully enjoy the off-road experience. The tour operators typically provide the Land Rovers, professional drivers/guides, and necessary safety equipment.

Exploring Mount Batur and its surroundings in a Land Rover can be a thrilling adventure, allowing you to discover the natural beauty, volcanic landscapes, and cultural sites of the region in a unique way.

Only for

IDR 1.100.000/pax

Minimum 2 pax.

IDR 750.000/pax

Minimum 2-5 pax.


  • Private seattle / transportation
  • All ticket to Mount Batur area
  • Friendly Tour Guide
  • Coffee break at the meeting point
  • Breakfast
  • Amazing spot to capture your Bali moment


  • Food
  • Your personal expenses
  • Tips and Gratuities